A State of the Art Deep Engraved Pet Tag


A Truly Unique Deep Engraved Tag

Deep engraved information along with hardness of metal is what makes a pet tag last. Unreadable information can make tags useless at a critical time. Silver Paw Pet Tags feature a very deep engraved depth of .004 of an inch. This depth is well beyond what ordinary pet tags have to offer. Our depth of engraving stands the test of time. We guarantee it.

Powerful Fiber Laser

Silver Paw uses a very powerful state of the art fiber laser which actually vaporizes metal to engrave a surface. Our deep engraved lines are actually ruts that have been removed from the metal. The lines are left with a blackened crust. The crust is actually carbon that has risen to the surface of the metal. Intense heat causes the reaction during the laser process. The blackened lines are an added bonus feature enhancing readability. It takes approximately 10 minutes to laser engrave a 4 line Silver Paw tag.

Many companies are currently using laser machines. A laser must be powerful enough to do any more than lightly etch a surface. Fiber lasers with high power have the capability. Any other laser type marking will wear quickly over time.

Change of Address or Phone Number

We guarantee the engraving on our stainless steel tags for life. If you have a change of address or any problem whatsoever with your engraving, we will take the pet id tag back. We then regrind, polish, and engrave it all over again! Try finding that service anywhere else… WE are 100% committed to our tags and our customers.

Engraving Options

We use an Arial block style font on all our tags because it is extremely readable.

We use a Segoe Print font on our keychains unless you specify you’d prefer to use the Arial style font.

Engraving Information Suggestions

Because our tags are all round, we suggest you place lines with fewer characters at the top and the bottom of tags when possible. The center lines can accommodate more characters without information becoming too small. Of course we realize this is not always possible.

If you place your dog’s first and last name on line 1 of your engraving, the characters are going to look smaller than on the other lines. Placing a last name on line 2 can sometimes be a better fit.

We recommend placing phone numbers on center lines where they can be made nice and large. Phone numbers are often the most important information you can place on your tag. If you have a land line and cell phone, include both. You may be out looking for your missing dog when the phone rings at home and no one is there!

There is NO need for zip codes on your tag if you already have a town and state listed. If you wish to save space, you might want to include only a zip code.

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